Network Marketing Success: MLM If You’ve Lost Money, Can’t Sell, But Are Serious.

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Just recently I got a connection request on LinkedIn from a woman who had signed up to one of my lists.

So I connected up with her and asked her how I could help.

She said she was thinking of buying one of the main products I sell, and from the tone of the email I was worried. Basically I told her that the product she was considering buying from me was perhaps not the right one, but could she tell me more – and this is what she wrote back…

Ive tried [Well-known Network Marketing Company] before, paid so much for it and never made a cent.

I just need to make money, I need something that works and that I can do from home. On the internet. I don’t mind working hard and the whole day. I am just so misrable in this situation I am in.

I am not good at talking to people and selling stuff.

Any other suggestions?


P.S.Thanks for replying, never had that before that someone actually wants to help.

People join a network marketing company and don’t know what to do to succeed. MLM often requires new skills before success will come your way.

I have had this conversation via email and/or on the phone so many, many times.

With up to 97% of people in network marketing not “successful” (this is an arbitrary definition, but you can check out the stats from MLM companies themselves here.)

So many times in fact that I thought I would post my answer to this person for others to see. (And yes this is only ONE answer to do this, but core in this is mindset PLUS specific steps.)

Maybe this is useful for you…


I’m sorry you have never had people reply to you before. Please make note of how important that is to you, and realise that this is a KEY to success in this industry. Building relationships first, sales second.

Failing is not a problem, unless you can’t figure out how to learn and do better next time.

Right now, if you have lost money, don’t have much money and don’t know how to ‘sell’, then you do not need the product you were planning on buying from me.

Instead, here is my suggestion – if you are ready to be coachable (if you’re not, then stop here)….

1. For your overall mindset (AND a way to start earning money immediately if you like this product)…
You can jump straight in:
Or explore the free info about this mindset first:

2. Next, this free webinar may be all you need to begin with. He gives 10 tactics and you only need to use a couple to get going with. There is an immense amount of value so feel free to leave the bits you may not like, and focus on what fits for you:

Let me know when you have done these 2 steps.

And so now I invite you to do the same thing.

Usually I recommend keeping a job so that you have money coming while doing MLM on the side, and only quitting your job when your MLM is earning at least twice what your job is. That is the careful way to do it.

However if you’re more keen, desperate, cash-strapped, fed-up, or just ready to really hustle, then MLM success is right here in those 2 steps above. Go get ’em!

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