One Dollar Riches – Oh Really?

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Okay, let’s cut to the chase. No, not really riches.

But hey, they must be doing something right since the site is very popular with such low Alexa ranking. So let’s take a careful look at One Dollar Riches and review what this really adds up to.

The Background

This One Dollar Riches program pays you $1 every time for all your referrals who buy the program. Simple.

The people behind One Dollar Riches don’t pay you, the $1 is paid by your referrals directly to you via AlertPay.

The Pros

Payments go through AlertPay, a well recognized and reasonably well respected payment service that deals with these type of programs regularly (PayPal doesn’t allow these programs.)

It’s a basic affiliate program. Easy to understand and simple payouts. No commissions to the middleman company, just the standard AlertPay processing fees.

It’s a nice clean single page website. Not much to get confused about and little in the way of hype beyond the obvious “$1 makes you rich!” stuff.

They are clear what they made this site for:

We are looking for leads for our business opportunities and we’ve found a way to pay you $1 per lead.

Basically they want to get a list of MLMers that they can market to down the track. You refer others, and they get their contact details. That’s why they are doing this. Very smart for them, but is it smart for you?

The Cons

There is no product. You get nothing for your $1 except a replicated website to sell the same product you just bought. Oh, and some training on how to get more referrals to the site.

You don’t need the site. You could do the same thing by emailing your friends to give you $1, and then tell them to ask others they know to send them a $1. No website is needed, except perhaps for making the whole thing seem somehow ‘respectable’. And you and your referrals won’t get put onto their lead follow-up system.

It doesn’t say who is behind it – no name, no face, no attempt to have someone you can hold responsible.

Money-back guarantee. This is strange. Not only does the money paid never go to the website owners themselves (it goes direct to your referrer via AlertPay) so how can they guarantee it without losing money, but even worse, almost 99% of sign-ups will qualify for this money-back guarantee ie they will NOT make $100 or more from this system. So the owners of this system must be either,

  1. relying on the fact that people won’t be bothered to apply for the guarantee, OR,
  2. have done their sums very carefully so that they can wear a cost of $1 per sign-up, OR,
  3. they plan that this business will disappear as soon as such guarantee requests come in. Hmm.

The Bottonline On OneDollar Riches.

How can one call One Dollar Riches a scam when it only costs $1? Well, I can’t be bothered trying. The facts are laid out above, and if I’ve missed something or misjudged something then that’s what the comment section below is for.

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