Pay Me Forward: Breaking It Down.

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Pay Me Forward is a program that launched on about November 10, and leans on the ‘Pay It Forward’ idea for it’s concept.

The home page explicitly states it has no connection with the movie called ‘Pay It Forward’ … although it does have a YouTube video of a clip from the movie on the page.

This all comes from Peter Wolfing who has been involved in a number of programs including and the similar InfinityDownline.

The best thing in doing a review about this whole Pay Me Forward program is that the site has the rest of the information you need for your due diligence to sort a scam from a legit business. Some of the details are in the fine print or on subpages, so let’s review the pieces step-by-step.

The Pay Me Forward Concept.

Simply, you join for $25, and as long as you agree to pay for two other who join with you within your first 30 days, your sponsor will pay YOU back.

So your sponsor does the ‘Pay Me Forward’ by refunding you, and you do the same for your two sign-ups.

Their jargon for this compensation plan is a ‘2X2 “Follow Me” Matrix system’.

If everything goes to plan you still spend $25 ie your first $25 is refunded and you refund 2 people to pay out $50. But all that is in an ideal world.

At some point this system of agreeing to pay forward will break down, and even though the site claims ‘this will rarely be an issue’, in fact it will inevitably end up happening quite a lot.

This means unless you are doing lots of referrals to make sure it won’t break down for you personally, you can ignore the rest of the details.

Cycling, re-entry and sponsor bonuses are only relevant with more downline.

If the Pay Me Forward system truly worked ie 1 person refers 2 who both refer 2 etc, then this doubling only has to happen 33 times to run beyond the number of people in the entire world.

Yes, this system can make money from your referrals (assuming ‘the company’ pays out), and it will surely attract alot of people, but it eventually MUST break down and leave alot of people out of pocket much more than $25.

But the Pay Me Forward home page does usefully explain that without real products a program is just an illegal pyramid or chain letter scheme ie a scam, so it is important to check out the product they are offering.

What’s The Product?

For Pay Me Forward, the product behind this system is inspirational videos, desktop wallpapers and print material emailed to you for each day of the year. Their Products page has more details and some examples.

The site says all this material is worth quite a lot, and you can decide that for yourself. If the products are worth $25 then you can join to get them.

However I suspect the product is not the site’s big selling point, because it is certainly not the emphasis of the front page.

There is also mention about Pay Me Forward (aka “PMF“) being backed by a “High Profile Company with a 12+ year track record / 12+ Year Debt Free USA Based Corporation” however that company is not named on the site and nor any individuals.

So in summary…

The only way to make money with the Pay Me Forward program is to refer other people.

If you are at all considering joining, then do your due diligence, because there are NO refunds.

If you have spent $25 to Pay Me Forward before you came here, then learn the most you can from your experience. If you do this, your $25 will be well spent.

If it is time to build a lasting income stream in MLM then you can begin with the MLM Marketing System I recommend.

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