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Just received an email from Mike Filsaime about earning $200-$500 a day, that turned out to be about this Project Fast Cash product.

So, with Mike’s recommendation, even though it’s not something I’m looking for right now, I checked this out a bit.

The PFC sales page video is pretty general, so I looked further.

There is Project Quick Cash by Alok Jain, which is currently unavailable, and is NOT the same as Project Fast Cash by Jordan Hall.

There seems to be some good guys promoting Project Fast Cash which is nice.

The few real comments I found say that it takes work and time to do, and if you are prepared for that then it has good tips and value in it. However seems like some people had trouble with the different prices, so I thought this post might help a few people.

I didn’t find any coupons or vouchers, but you can certainly get a better price than $395 from the video, or even the $199 most people are mentioning.

So, here is the discount tip. Click here to open up Project Fast Cash, and then CLOSE THAT PAGE. When you do this a pop-up will come up asking you if you really want to leave. Click “Stay On Page” and it will show you the $100 discount, ie down to $99.


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