If it is indispensible to me, if it makes my online life easier, if it is powerful against all else I have tried – it will end up listed here.

WordPress Blog Backup – Just don’t risk losing all your hard work by not having a backup, or having a backup you THOUGHT was doing the job and wasn’t (that was my problem.) Fortunately these days backups don’t have to be difficult or costly, as you will see on The 3 Best Backup Solutions For A WordPress Blog.

Waste Less Time On Online Videos! – Of course the fastest way to handle a video is not to watch it, but sometimes you must. Perhaps it’s a training video, perhaps it’s a sales letter, or perhaps it’s just something cool and worth watching on YouTube. These days I almost never watch a video online at normal speed – there is no longer any need for it. But it’s not quite as easy as I thought it would be to organize. So if you want to save time then check out my 3 Steps To Speeding Up Videos post.

Email Autoresponders – (If you have no idea what an email autoresponder is and how VITAL it is to an online business then I hope to write a post soon for you. Until then just understand that EVERYONE serious online is building an email list.) When I first began online I used GetResponse. I then went to aWeber, and for quite a few years I used both. Finally I settled on aWeber. If you are in online marketing and will be building a decent sized list, then this will do everything you need and do it at the right price. The only issue is that if you already have a list you just can’t bring it into aWeber. If you have a bit of a list already you will want to use either ConstantContact or one that keeps impressing me as a really practical solution for smaller lists MailChimp. Alternatively if money is no object and you are serious about email marketingthen the gold standard is InfusionSoft. Most people work up to that option though.