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There has been a lot of favorable and unfavorable talk about becoming a part of the Scentsy family as a way of earning money.

It’s worth checking into this a bit further. The best way to do this is through a review of the background of the business, and the pros and cons of what the company is offering when you join Scentsy. From this, you can decide for yourself if there is truth in the talk of a “Scentsy scam”.

What Is Scentsy All About?

Scentsy is a company that sells, mostly by Scentsy consultants, of a variety of candle warmers, and wickless and flameless candles, which are deemed safer than ordinary candles.

It is the success story of husband and wife team from Idaho, Orville and Heidi Thompson, after a failed venture in a car wax business had left them $700,000 in debt. Orville had participated in a sales event by selling video game controllers and it so happened that the booth across from his was the Scentsy booth.

Kara Egan and Colette Gunnell were mothers who created the Scentsy candles in their basement as a means of earning extra income while taking care of their children. Their idea fascinated Orville that he decide to buy their business in 2004 and used direct selling to make it grow.

And grow it did, from a 40-foot container and with family members manually making the Scentsy bars, it moved to a 42,000 square foot building in 2007, and in 2008, acquired a machine to automate the process and thus was able to produce mass quantities.

On its fifth anniversary, Scentsy penetrated the Canadian market (after successfully operating in Guam and Puerto Rico) and was also given a Rising Star Award by the Direct Selling Association.
Today, Scentsy has a total of more than 500 employees and reports a growing family of independent consultants numbering over 100,000.

The Pros

First, Scentsy independent consultants get free team training once they sign up, and they continue to receive ongoing training along the way. This is a way to improve one’s networking and social skills, as well as how to best market the Scentsy products.

Second, there is access to sell the various Scentsy products which have expanded to car fresheners, scented stuffed toys, room sprays, hand sanitizers, and travel packs, with marketing support from a company that has just been named as the 19th fastest growing company in the U.S. this year.

Third, further earnings come from helping other people succeed. The multi-level aspect means one earns not just on one’s sales, but on the sales of others one has introduced to the company so there are greater possibilities of earning.

But unless the reviews are hyped, the good advantages of Scentsy aren’t going to make people worried or hesitant about joining, so let’s examine the other side.

The Cons

Firstly, the products can be more expensive than other comparable products sold in the market. The value is based on the quality and efficacy, not discount pricing.

Second, it takes time to build a successful business because most people are hesitant to do direct selling rather than a job they know. It also takes time to train people, and to build leadership and people skills to maintain the group’s interest and commitment.

Finally, there is no fee in signing up to become an independent consultant, but you need to pay $99 for a Scentsy Starter Kit before you can start with the business side of this company. The Scentsy scam tag probably comes from the fact that you have to pay out money before you can make money.

The Verdict

The idea of a Scentsy scam is mostly unfounded. Although the business and the products are not suited to everyone’s liking or interest, that is not how to judge a business model.

There is no business that can completely guarantee success. The major factor that can help achieve results is to understand the value of the products that you are selling, and then have others experience that too.

Better to begin slowly with people you already know, and then go on expanding the business and your network from there.

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