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As all of us most probably know, the number one ranking in Google’s search results is the Holy Grail for online marketers.  All of us marketers are aiming for that spot, or at least in the front page result. Website ranking is, certainly, a concept that is quite important to any online marketer. When an online marketer’s website lands on the first page of a search engine result, it will mean increase traffic for his site, which in turn, means the possibility of increasing his profit from his online business venture.

If you have the same goals just like these marketers, one of the most important things you should do is to find out the best and most effective keywords for your particular niche. You may also want to know the most profitable niches these days. To top it all, you need to have the ability to track your ranking in different search engines. It may sound too overwhelming but with the help of the right tools like SE Cockpit, these things are achievable.

Product Description

SE Cockpit is a software tool designed to help you in your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. One of your main aims in SEO is to achieve the highest search page ranking as possible. You do this by creating relevant content articles using powerful and effective keywords related to your niche. Without the proper tool, determining these keywords is difficult and not particularly reliable.

SE Cockpit will change this trial and error approach. With this tool, you can immediately determine the keywords that you need. This feature alone is enough reason for many serious online marketers to purchase this program. SE Cockpit can perform a comprehensive analysis of the competition for each keyword that the tool gave you. With the right keywords, your articles are more effective in helping your website get ranked higher.

This product is also capable of determining which niche will be most profitable. Aside from this, you don’t have to waste too much time and effort in tracking down your web ranking, as SE Cockpit can help you do this easily.

Target Market

Website owners that are planning to undertake Search Engine Optimization efforts are the primary target market of this software program. Those that are new to SEO will certainly find this program extremely helpful. However, online marketers that have vast experience in SEO campaigns will still find SE Cockpit a huge help in achieving their SEO goals easier, faster, and more effectively.


Since SEO efforts are a continuous undertaking, you can sign up to SE Cockpit on a monthly or semi-annual subscription. You can avail of a 30% discount these days if you choose to subscribe on the semi-annual plan, paying $397. If you wish to subscribe monthly, the cost is $97.

Product/Package Inclusions

Included in the subscription are the following:

•              800 keyword synonyms

•              Ability to fully process 100 keywords in 30 seconds

•              Data Sources (AdWords, Suggest and Related Search)

•              Unlimited projects.



SE Cockpit is one of the best SEO tools that you should look into if you seriously want to achieve higher page ranking. You don’t even have to worry about the highly competitive price as you have the option of getting your money back within 30 days of subscribing. Developers of SE Cockpit are willing to gamble on that offer because they’re quite sure you’ll be more than satisfied with your purchase. Give SE Cockpit a try now.


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