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Just a quick note.

I know of a SendOutCards distributor who may be interested to sell their distributorship. It is available for the right buyer.

No, it’s not mine – you wouldn’t pay me the price I would ask for my Distributorship 🙂 – but yes, this is a Senior Manager position in SendOutcards.

Please Note: In any MLM when you want to buy or sell a network marketing business/distributorship there are some rules and requirements you need to follow. You can find the broad details for SendOutCards in the SOC Policies & Procedures, particularly in 4.25 – Sale, Transfer or Assignment of SendOutCards Business.

You can email me, leave a comment below with your expression of interest, or drop me a note on my SendOutCards page.

[UPDATE: Have a SendOutCards distributorship you would be interested to SELL? I have ended up with more enquiries than I can fill for the one distributorship I was selling. I am currently negotiating over the sale of the original one, so if you have one for sale yourself then drop me a note.]

[UPDATE 2: Although the original Distributorship is no longer available now, I have had another SOC Rep contact me to sell, and he has just dropped his asking price for his Senior Manager position. Leave a comment below if you are interested.]

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