SEO Backlinks: Why on Earth Do You Have to Buy Them?

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And So It Begins…” was my very first post on this website way back in October of 2010. My objective was “to put my private tips, methods, and lessons from marketing online into the public arena”. Obviously, I want this blog to reach as many readers as possible. In less than two years, I have achieved a healthy Alexa ranking, which is based on almost 1000 average daily visitors and page views. One of the reasons for this is SEO backlinks.

Website owners, or at least those that invest time and money in ensuring they have many daily site visitors, have different ways to build backlinks. Many website owners choose to buy backlinks or backlink generator because they want to save time (and avoid frustrations) in building their own sets of backlinks.

Now, for your consideration ladies and gentlemen, I would like to present to you Automatic Backlink Creator 3000, a backlink generator that can help you increase your Alexa ranking easily.

But first, a story.

When I started this blog, I quickly found out that wanting to have many site visitors is an easy wish to make, but very difficult to turn into reality. I wanted my site to be on the first page of search engine results for various topics or keywords. This is when I read about the importance of SEO backlinks, the need to participate in online forums and leave comments in many blogs that are related to what my website is all about. Considering the time I spent in creating useful web contents and my offline business tasks, these activities turned out to be tedious and time-consuming.

There’s got to be a better way to create backlinks.

Enter: buying backlinks and using backlink generator.

One of the advantages of buying SEO backlinks is the ability to customize and define the root if the automatic backlinks. You do this by giving specific keywords or phrases. A backlink generator, however, can do this for you automatically. Based on the title of your blog or page, it will choose the keywords and phrases for you. You can expect to see an increase in your website ranking with the help of a reliable and effective backlinks generator.

Just how important are backlinks?

Although different search engines have different parameters, it is estimated that 50 to 70 percent of information used by search engines in ranking websites are made up of the quantity AND quality of a website’s backlinks. If you want to help your website rank higher but want to avoid the often frustrating and time-consuming process of getting backlinks yourself, it is, thus, important to buy SEO backlinks and use backlink generators. Obtaining a Google first page ranking is a big possibility even for a relatively newly created website.

You can certainly duplicate what I did with this blog, with regards to the ranking it achieved at such a short time. Yes, content is still king, but having quality SEO backlinks is certainly a tremendous help in increasing any website rank. If you’re thinking of buying backlinks, also consider using Automatic Backlink Creator 3000, a powerful tool that will let you build backlinks easily, and in the process, lets you concentrate on the other aspects of your online business.

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