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Whether you are looking into building a business as a Shaklee distributor or you are already a Shaklee distributor and you are just spending time finding tips on how you can boost your commissions, you need to have the fundamentals.

First, it’s good to know a bit about the company. Shaklee was founded by Dr. Forest Shaklee in 1965, and became the first company of it’s kind offering various kinds of products, from household items to green, eco-friendly product lines.

Shaklee has a very simple money making system. You purchase a Shaklee Distributorship to get access to the commission payments, and thereby become a ‘Distributor’. Then by inviting people to take a look at the products and at the business, you can make an immediate profit as people purchase, and an ongoing income with their re-orders.

They may make it seem more complicated than that in their compensation plan with Shaklee’s specials, bonuses, rewards etc etc. But focus on the reality. All those are to reward sales results – and you can safely concentrate on the sales, and the rest will take care of itself well enough.

Now that you know simply how a Shaklee business works, you have given yourself a decisive edge. Like any other business venture, the sooner you start the more sales you get. Here are some important tips.

1. Know the benefits of Shaklee’s green, eco-friendly products.

Shaklee has so many different products in their range, that you may be better off getting to know one line well, rather than all of them a bit. But remember, you should always plan to fall back on the company marketing materials. This will keep your information easy for people to review later, and, most importantly of all, make your customers realize they don’t have to be an expert to become a distributor themselves and show this to other people.

2. Find your target market.

You may have lots and lots of people you already meet who are ideal for Shaklee’s products, but you may also have many more who know you online too. Market your products on social networking sites and—you can get money within hours. Whichever way you do it realize that to almost no business relies only on the immediate people you know, and just because Shaklee is multi-level marketing, this is no different. You will need to have a way to build new connections with more people than you already know.

3. Focus on marketing as much as possible.

As a Shaklee distributor aiming for instant commissions AND a long-term income, you need to learn the one key skill for your success – marketing. And just because you are online don’t think this means the millions will just appear in your inbox.

Sure you have access to a larger pool of potential customers, but you are also competing with so many more products and offers, and other distractions too. How are you planning to make yourself stand out, and become a sales magnet?

Fortunately, you can do online marketing at far less cost than most offline methods, and you can learn the same direct marketing and ‘attraction marketing’ skills quicker too. Follow in the footsteps of those who have been successful before you. It will make your journey easier, and more profitable too.

Shaklee does a great job at what it does; create great products, package them, ship them, take orders, and all the other administration tasks as well. Let them do their job – and you do yours. Learn how to get the message out there.

Remember you are a “Shaklee distributor” – because that is your job, distributing the message of Shaklee. The better you learn how to do this, the more you will earn.

Discover how others have earned 6-figures a year PLUS, and how you can do the same with your Shaklee business with online MLM marketing.

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