Signing Up for IDrive Online Backup Service? Stop!

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If you’re like me that cringe every time I encounter techno babble, programs or applications that are easy to use are something I appreciate a great deal. IDrive, an online backup service that is secure, reliable, and with excellent pricing plans, fit this to a T. The designers of its interface for the installed software and Web component have the service’s subscribers in mind. However, early users of IDrive may disagree with that statement, and they’re right.

Wait. Did I just contradict myself there? Yes– and no. As Polonius would say, “though this be madness, yet there is method in it”.

Bear with me for a while and I’ll tell you why that is so. First, for most people, they don’t see the benefits of backing up their data in a secured and efficient way until it’s too late. The best way to save data these days, especially for large files, is through online backup services. IDrive is one of the best companies that offer such service. If you want to sign up for IDrive,though, stop! Read this review first.

The advantages of using IDrive

With IDrive, as soon as I was able to set it up on my computer, I could back up my files immediately. All I needed to do is select the files and click the Backup Now button. I can schedule the time when IDrive will automatically backup my chosen drives in my system, which could be the hard drive, an external hard drive, or USB thumb disk. Another useful feature of this service is the ability to manage the bandwidth that will be used when backing up data in the background, as I do work-related stuff on the computer. Searching and restoring files, as I found out, is also a breeze.

File security, when storing data through the Internet, is important. IDrive online backup service uses 128bit SSL encryption when transferring data, while when storing files, 256-bit AES encryption is used. You will also be given user-defined keys for additional securities.

The pricing plans of IDrive also set this apart from most online storage services. Ty to beat this: IDrive offers free online storage- yes, free- when storing data that will not exceed 5Gb. If you will need more storage space, you have to get the IDrive Pro. There are three pricing plans for the Pro account, for Personal Use, Family Pack, and for Business. The rate for each plan depends on the storage space that you need. I first signed up for the free account to see what IDrive can offer. I liked what I saw and signed up for the Pro account.

The disadvantages of using IDrive

Here’s where I get to explain the “method to the madness” mentioned earlier. IDrive, indeed, is extremely user-friendly with intuitive and simple interface. That is not entirely true for the previous version of IDrive, where the interface was one of the most difficult to use and understand interface for similar type of services. This is why early users of IDrive, those that haven’t seen and tried this much-improved version, will disagree with the “user-friendly” sentence.

In spite of this improved version of IDrive, there are still other features lacking. One notable disadvantage is the inability to share files to other people. You also can’t use one account if you’re using both the Mac and PC systems. You need to get the IDrive for Windows and IDrive for Mac if you need that capability.

The IDrive bottom line

Of course, I prefer to spend my time on tasks that grow my business. I shouldn’t be wasting my time trying to get an application to function properly, especially if the application was designed to HELP me reach my goals and not to waste my time. The new and improved IDrive online storage service wouldn’t do that. If you have important files that needed to be stored safely, give this a try.

Sign up for a free account, but if you’re like me, you will soon upgrade to IDrive Pro.

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