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Social Monkee. Certainly seems like it is a good free backlink builder.

Seems to work well. Easy to get inside, and then easy to set up the backlinks.

[NOTE: My results are in the UPDATE at the bottom of this post.]

And, it’s totally free.

Can’t get much better than that eh?

You can submit a URL for backlinking once per day, and SocialMonkee says it will give you 25 backlinks from it’s own private network of more than 100 sites.

It’s about as easy as backlinking gets, and you can’t argue with $0.00.

If that’s all you need to know, then you can go and create your free account now:

SocialMonkee  [It took me longer to watch their video than to get started 🙂 ]

Still reading?

Well I can think of only three questions you could still have about Social Monkee (…

  1. This all sounds too good to be true, so what is the catch?
  2. What sort of backlinks are they?
  3. Is the effort to use Social Monkee worth it?

The question of “What’s The Catch?!”…

Well for the answer is pretty clear.

This free service is a tempter for their premium paid package for $47 one-time. If you upgrade you can submit 3 times a day, get 100 backlinks, have them drip fed in rather than done all at once, get reports so you can ping the backlinks yourself, and also gives you RSS feeds for your submissions. Also, if you refer 12 others you get the premium package automatically. It’s nice when free really can be completely free.

They also have upsells, ads and affiliate links (eg to The Best Spinner for spinning your backlinks which is a great product I use and recommend anyway), but the system stands on it’s own. Unlike many so-called ‘free’ systems, you don’t need to buy anything else for this to do it’s job just fine.

All in all it seems like a pretty reasonable ‘catch’ to me. A true win-win.

The second question of the technical details…

Here are some extra techie details I found in my hunting.

  • SocialMonkee launched in Jan 2011, and in two months had over 25,000 people and an Alexa 3k website which it still maintains.
  • They only allow 1 sign-up per IP address, so if you try to set up more than one account it will block you.
  • The backlinks are described as do follow backlinks (meant to be better) from a private network of over 100 of the creator’s own social networking sites which he has on new and aged domains on different C-class IPs.
  • Your title, description and anchor text really should be ‘spun’ which is easy enough to do particularly for just 25 backlinks
  • Many people are thinking the name is Social MonkeY, but the backlink tool is Social MonkeE. is empty right now and the site that Google likes for the term ‘Social Monkey’ is a online social media community, not the free backlink service of SocialMonkee. Ah well.
  • They won’t let you submit the same URL twice, but you can build links to a page, and to other backlinks you already have to that page which is useful second tier backlinking.
  • Of course they have the usual restrictions on URL’s that are “adult or adult themed, cheap pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs, gambling, high yield or high risk investments, hate etc”.
  • I use the Firefox plugin to make submitting pages easy, but the submission form on the site looks easy as well.
  • The creator Colin Klinkert is a fairly well known internet marketer, eg CEO of ViralURL, so it’s reasonable to trust his network, and anyway, there is not much he can do with the URLs that could be harmful.

The third SocialMonkee question of results…

…you are going to have to give me a chance to test a bit more.

I’m going to keep using the free version to make sure this test is realistic.

I’m running two tests now – one on whether these backlinks show up, and another to see if they can help my SEO – and I will report back results as they develop.

Preliminary Social Monkee Results

It is 1 week since I ran Social Monkee on this post, and one other page on my website.

Yahoo backlinks is not a reliable source, but it is about the best around. It shows only ONE backlink for this post (presumably from SocialMonkee links) and ZERO for the other page. Market Samurai can’t find any backlinks for either of them.

Backlink checkers are unreliable, but even so that’s not a good result.

But what about the REAL impact?

This post has been found from the search engines for some great keywords like “social monkee” and “social monkee review”. In fact I can find at least 4 first page results in Google for this post. Is any of that to do with links that Google recognizes that Yahoo doesn’t? Hard to know.

My blog already ranks very, very well, simply using two sets of backlinks – a routine of free backlinks to kick it off, then followed by my real powerhouse backlink builder. You can check my Alexa ranking to see the results of my current minimalist SEO work.

There are also reports that Google is ranking sites that have zero backlinks. So maybe the rankings have nothing to do with Social Monkee.

Anyway, I have just finished setting up a proper test of Social Monkee, and will give it a while for the links to be found before I report on my results.

Meanwhile, if you have more questions leave a comment below, or have a go of this simple and quick tool for some of your own free backlinks..

[UPDATE 2012-01-31: Social Monkee ROCKS – even as a free version for only 25 links!

I won’t bore you with the full details of my testing, but in summary I took 16 posts from this site and 2 keywords for each to make it a solid test of 32 Google rankings. Also I ran Social Monkee along side 3 other reputable backlinking methods.

The ONLY one that was better than doing nothing at all was … Social Monkee! And heck I wasn’t even using the Upgraded version.

UPDATE: 2018-08-6: And it seems now they have made it even cheaper…

Social Monkee

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