Tastefully Simple: Pros and Cons

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With many MLM companies competing against each other in the marketplace, some companies often sound too good to be true. One of the top 100 MLM companies to boast of its recipe for success is Tastefully Simple.

This review of Tastefully Simple is specifically about the income opportunity rather than the products themselves. It will help you understand whether or not this is the company for you, and if it is, how you can make the most of the opportunity for your success.


Tastefully Simple: The Background

Tastefully Simple is a networking marketing company founded by Jill Blashack Strahan in 1995 and is based in Minnesota. From humble beginnings, it has grown into a multi-award winning company inducted into the INC 500 Hall of Fame in 2006, and ranked as one of the top 100 MLM companies in the world based on turnover of $130 million.

They have a full range of foods, sauces, beverages, including beer bread, the Oh My Chai! drink.

With the tagline of “The Food You Love, The Time You Deserve” , Tastefully Simple offers a variety of gourmet recipes that are easy and quick to prepare.

If this message resonates with you, then read on to examine more about Tastefully Simple.


Pros: The good things about Tastefully Simple

Tastefully Simple is a member of the Direct Selling Association. This association maintains high integrity standards and imposes this on their members. Tastefully Simple is also rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Both of these factors are worth taking note of when looking for an MLM company. It helps you, and others you introduce to this business, to have confidence in the company.

Since being a ‘consultant’ (the Tastefully Simple name for an independent distributor) means owning your own business, you get to control when you work, when you meet people, when you have events, and how much (or how little) you put into it. You decide how to fit the business around your life, work, and family.

Tastefully Simple calls itself a ‘direct sales company’, and you get paid in a multi-level compensation plan. This means that as well as getting paid on your own retail sales, you will also get paid on the sales of others you recruited into the business, those who became consultants themselves. This gives your business the potential to not just to bring you residual income with repeat sales from long-term customers, but also leveraged income from the work of other consulatants you bring in as well.

But most people’s biggest questions and issues actually come from the…


Cons: Why Tastefully Simple may not be the one for you

No matter what you are told, this business will not suit everyone. You have to be a food and kitchen lover. Since Tastefully Simple is all about gourmet food, it is crucial that you have an interest or passion in this area yourself.

There is work and time involved. As a consultant, you will have to organize and host taste-testing dinners and parties to sell your products. You will have to do follow-up with customers and others who are interested.

There is a cost to becoming a consultant and accessing the compensation plan commissions. There is the “Business Blast Off Kit®”, designed for your first four parties at $170 plus tax (installment payments available), or the “Just a Taste Business Kit”, made for two parties at $89.00 plus tax. The starter kits include training manuals, the catalogs, food samples, and other business tools that you will need.

Although there is immediate income from 30% commission on customer sales, most people are also interested in the income from having a team of consultants– and this takes time to build. To advance in the ranks to Senior Consultant and beyond, you need to develop leadership, find consultants, and train them up for building their own customers and/or consultants. MLM is a get-rich-slow plan, where the biggest rewards take time.


Summary: So, is Tastefully Simple right for you?

Tastefully Simple is a legitimate MLM company with a solid product range. It doesn’t mean it is right for everyone, and if it’s not for you then hopefully you will know that by now (if not leave a question in the comments below.)

If it is for you then excellent! Enjoy your Tastefully Simple journey.

Even though you are reading this online, do realize that Tastefully simple is not very easy to market online. As a party-plan business like Tupperware, it is much better suited to in-home and in-person meetings. In fact being in an offline business when many other people are caught up in the hype of online businesses can be a great way to stand out.


However, there are three important online aspects of Tastefully Simple.


Firstly, people who sign up with you offline will almost always do a bit of searching online. They may do this after they sign up with you, or before. Particularly if they want to be a consultant, these days, most people will do a bit of hunting online, and even if they don’t, their friends and family will do this hunting for them! Having a proper online presence will make you stand-out and show you to be a leader they want to join up with.


Secondly, if someone is interested in Tastefully Simple but does not know anyone in the business, what will they do? Most likely, they will go to the search engines and type in “Tastefully Simple” and then their local town, county, state or nearby city. Do you know how to get found in Google? Will YOUR name appear when that hot prospect searches online? Even if you realize the power of this, you may not realize how few people are actually doing it!

You have two choices:

1. Learn how to do it yourself.

2. Pay someone to do it for you (I recommend an experienced MLMer who will GUARANTEE you first page listings. For more details, contact me ASAP. This is because this MLMer only works with one client in a particular area and company, and if someone in your area has already contacted him, he will have to decline working with you.)


Thirdly, as you connect with many different people, you will find quite a few who want to earn more money, have a home business, spend more time with the kids, etc. Unfortunately not all of them will be right for your business. Some won’t be interested enough in food to make a business of it, some will have skills in other areas, and some will already be with another MLM company or home business.


However, rather than be disappointed that you have got nothing from all your work in connecting with them, there is another way of helping them AND helping you in your business too. Here is the mindset that can make your business profitable faster, and keep you from running out of money or people to talk to about your business.

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