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If you are a current or a potential network marketer, you will be interested to know not just how to get any old leads for your prosptecting, but the best MLM leads. These leads are that important for your success as a network marketer. So, how do you come up with leads?

Well by far the WORST way to get leads is to buy them. If you are just practicing then at least get free ones because there is a joke going around that says “What is the difference between a 5c lead and a $5 lead? Answer: $4.95 – and unfortunately it is all too true. I heard that joke from a lead calling veteran, who sells leads as one of his income streams!

So you absolutely must generate your own leads, and the following tips below will help you with your choices…

Generating MLM Leads Tip #1: Have Your Own Website

You can generate leads by marketing yourself and consequently your products through building your own website. What is your value proposition? Why should that person join you instead of another? What is your unique selling point? In short, what do you bring to the table? Make the answers known to these questions through your website and this will be a step towards enticing more leads to your network.

MLM Leads Tip #2: Using Auto-responders For Acknowledgment

When a lead becomes a visitor to you site, provide freebies such as a newsletter or report with information that can be useful to them. In this way, they could sign up to be part of your subscriber and you are able to keep in touch with them through these informational materials you give for free. Make sure that the content of these newsletters and reports are unique, original, creative and informational. The lead may not want to be part of your business right away. However, if you keep in touch through this auto-responder, who knows, maybe next week, next month, or next year, they would already want to be in your team or buy your products.

MLM Leads Tip #3: Planning or Goal Making

Just like any business, a network marketing business is in need of a clear vision and specific goals. For leads MLM is no different.

How do you see your network a year, 2 years, 5 years or even ten years from now? How wide would the network be? How many will be under your network? What is your projected sales volume over the short term and over the long-term? What are your numbers of leads, calls, conversions, sign-ups to be able to hit these targets? And are they realistic industry averages until you get experienced enough to know your own averages? MLM and lead generation is always a long-term process. Stick to your game plan and be focused in achieving the goals you’ve set.

MLM Leads Tip #4: Article Making

Having articles that are unique and informational over a niche topic is a great way to build an online presence. After posting the articles to your website, you could then submit them to article directories. Through these niche articles you can represent oneself as a professional in the field while search engines capture your target market by showing your article as part of the search list based on the keywords.

MLM Leads Tip #5: Blogging

To generate leads you can also maintain an interesting blog with a link posted at your website. Blog regularly so that the audience does not get bored of the content. Make sure the blogs are entertaining, informational and fun so that the interest of possible leads will be sustained. Blogs are a good way of making your target audience or potential leads come to get to know you better. In return you get their trust enough to want to be part of your network and buy your products.

By generating MLM leads that are personal to you they give you the best chance for success.

How powerful are these techniques? Heck they created me a passive 5-figure residual income that continues to build.

I came online in 2003, joined an MLM company in 2006 and I am still with them to this day, but in all that I still didn’t crack the code for generating my own MLM leads until I found this MLM lead generation system. Don’t go it alone again.

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