The Biggest Website Mistake Ever?

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When I review websites for small businesses, there is one thing I immediately check.

It is one of the commonest and simplest mistakes you can come across, and I hope you’re not making it.

Here is how you find it.

Type in and go to your website address – BOTH the www. version and the straight up version (eg and

They SHOULD both go to the same place.

After all we all know it’s the same website, right?

Well no. They are different.

They are only the same if the person who sets up your website MAKES them the same.

In fact this mistake is so common and so ‘hidden’ that one of Australia’s biggest retailers who has been online for YEARS is still making this error on their website.

Check out the blank page on the Harvey Norman website – - Error Message

…and yet they have their proper site set up quite well at

It is the same issue with and

Is This The Biggest Website Mistake Ever?

Absolutely not.

The biggest website mistake is not having a site in the first place!

Get your own website as I outline here, and then make any other sort of mistake you like (because now you know even the REALLY big boys make them too, and they earn millions just fine thankyou.)

Realize that  the only way to build MASSIVE SUCCESS – is by taking MASSIVE ACTION, all the while knowing mistakes will happen.

[2011-12-01 Update: I’ve just noticed that Harvey Norman have corrected this error. Nice! They didn’t do so for at least a few days, but this post finally found them. Are you following what is being written about you and your brand online? Do you know what to do when negative comments come out? If you have a problem needing solving, or just need to figure out how to keep track of this then leave a question below or, if you need privacy, contact me.]

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