Time Saver 101: Speed Up Videos – The Double Method.

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Here is how get the most value our of online viewing, AND save myself hours each week as well.

I speed up my videos.

Usually just 30% or so, but a video can be played up to 5 times faster. Realistically, a half hour video can be all done in 20 minutes, or less.

And not only it is faster, it is also more interesting.

Lots of videos are just talking heads, and they waffle on. I love going faster through YouTube news clips. In fact, these days if I try and slow the videos back down to normal speed, it’s like driving after you come off the freeway – it feels like it’s crawling!

There is no one best solution, so I will show you the double method for how to speed up videos

1. If the videos are big, download them first, then speed them up.

I find this makes the viewing more reliable, and it means that if I want to watch it over I don’t have to go back online and find it again.

Some videos make have a link on the page to make it easy to download, but many, like YouTube, do not. But you can get around that.

I use a Firefox browser, and there are few different Add-ons to allow you to download videos. I have DownloadHelper which works fine for me, but there are plenty of free ones to choose from depending on your browser and whether you are Mac or Windows-based.

Unfortunately for some videos eg sales letter pages and online training, they are streamed in a way that isn’t picked up by the standard downloaders. I finally found an obscure solution that saved me watching hours of marketing training at normal speed: Streaming Video Recorder

Next you need to play the downloaded video on your computer.

If you use the standard Windows Media Player, the sound disappears when you speed up a video. It’s silly really, and I’m sure they’ll fix that in time.

But for now I rely on the very popular, and also free,VLC media player. This can be downloaded from somewhere reputable like download.cnet.com.

In VLC when you play a video there is a slider at the bottom that allows you to slow down or speed up whatever you are playing, and the video AND audio will both speed up. There isn’t even any of that ‘chipmunk’ sound to the voice. (It works great for speed-watching DVDs too!)

2. If the videos are small or one-time viewing, use an streaming video speeder.

This is typically for YouTube, Vimeo etc or situations like video sales letters where I can’t be bothered downloading, I just want to check it out and be done.

The best one I found is unfortunately a paid one called Enounce MySpeed, but it’s cheap and here is where you can get a Free Trial for 7 days.

Warning: This speeder is so effective you may need to wait a bit for the streaming video to buffer enough to handle the faster play speed, but usually you can just pause, and go off and do other work while it gets far enough ahead.

I do alot of video online and these two tricks save me hours each week. Hope they help you too.

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