Trump Network: Marketing And Those Scam Headlines

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In an effort to do your homework before starting your own business you do some searching online to find tons of “Trump Network Scam” headlines.

This can really lower your spirits.

You follow your natural instincts and check out these accounts only to realize that, in direct contrast to the headline, the writer goes all out to sell you on the value of the program and why you should join them!

Anyway, let’s get to the heart of the Trump Network itself. Is there a scam?

The Trump Network was founded in the fall of 2009, by the Trump organization. The president of this Trump Network is Donald J. Trump, who is well known as a prominent billionaire. This multi-level networking company promotes health and wellness products, which are the booming trends nowadays. They offer nutritional supplements, other healthy food items, and cosmetic products such as Privatest, Custom Essentials, Silhouette Solution, Quikstik, Snazzle Snaxxs and Bioce Cosmecueticals.

On the income opportunity side they have a system they call the Wealth Creation System (WCS,) which Donald Trump believes in as a way of helping people attain financial freedom.

The compensation model offers 5 steps to success namely Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Executive Diamond. To be in the Executive Diamond level means earning around $20,000+ per month.

Whether this opportunity is right for you or not, you can be assured, Trump Network is completely legitimate.

So holding up a board saying, “Trump Network Scam” is completely unfounded – and is frequently contrived.

Trump Network Scam – The Hidden Agenda

You might recognize at this point that the majority of of these Trump Network scam claims which you locate on the web are simply that, claims as a way to gain your interest and propel some sort of action from you. You might have already uncovered the hidden gem, that most Trump Network scam statements found online are usually nothing more than a “bait piece” to catch your interest. It is the proven A.I.D.A. acronym at it’s best (or worst, it’s up to you!)

A = Attention

I = Interest

D = Desire

A = Then Get Them to Act Now!

Observe the way it worked? Take notes because if you truly want to begin your own enterprise, you will have to become an expert in the art of sales and marketing. Seriously. Because in spite of what you may have read on the official company site or heard from your potential upline leader – merchandise does not sell itself. Someone needs to market and promote the products. Somebody must drive traffic towards the online store. Someone must present the business opportunity to lots of people on a continuous basis if they ever hope to have any chance of creating a hugely profitable business. And that someone will be you!

The true secret to building any enterprise is that it all depends upon your ability to expose your products, service and opportunity to hundreds, even thousands of new prospects every single month. A few of those people will be interested enough to take an in depth look. Some will test out the products. Others may join you in your business. But no one will do anything unless and until you discover a way to cost effectively market your business regularly and effectively.

Trump Network Scam is Focused Marketing

Using a headline like “Trump Network is a scam” is one method to expose your message to people interested in discovering more about Trump Network. Put simply, you’ve made use of a negative headline to generate a positive result – you have enticed the perfect prospect for your business.

So once you’ve got their interest, it’s now time to deliver a message about why joining you and your team will be a smart decision. Describe your training. Talk about your system. Show them that you are the leader they’re looking for, and you may be surprised at how many people will align themselves to do business with you. Doubting ads, headlines and articles like Trump Network scam work because they demand attention from who are already intent on joining.

If you want proven 6-figure+ income earners to help you really succeed in MLM and the Trump Network, then here are they key steps broken down for online MLM marketing.

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