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I try to contact as many people as I can from the leads I generate. Unfortunately these days so many come in that I don’t get to get back to them all.

But I managed to catch one gentlemen just an hour after his details came through, and I got his permission to share part of his story. I’ve reconstructed this from the notes I made of the call…

My goal is to be able to magnify myself.

That’s where an MLM business comes in. It’s not just me – it’s others who work with me.

My daughter is a distributor for Herbalife, and so naturally enough I thought about joining, but I decided there was something I needed to do first. I needed to experience the product for myself.

You see I’d joined a couple of MLM companies before, but they didn’t work out. I didn’t know how to sell them. And one key part was, I never used their products.

So this time it’s different. Over 2 months I lost 20 pounds and it was as easy as falling out of a canoe. There were no meetings or add-ons. Just the herbalife products, and they worked.

Plus, here’s the biggest point of all this – the US economy is spiralling down the drain.

The government and politicians are in it for themselves, and they are only interested in two things – to make money for themselves and their ‘friends’, and to get re-elected.

They aren’t interested in us average working people at all.

One day people are going to wake up and realize that the only way for them to get their lives back is to take control themselves. Not to wait for another job program, not to wait for the government to do something, but to do it themselves and that means be an entrepreneur.

I’m in a job right now but it’s just using up my time. It ain’t paying anything decent now, and it won’t expand any further.

Even more than just the money, it makes you feel good when you do it for yourself.

When you are in control, it adds to your self-esteem.

When you see a look of happiness in your child’s eyes, or hear it in their voice, and you know that are the author of that happiness – that you have made another human being happy. That is what it is all about.

The last times I got into MLM I was in for a couple of weeks and because I didn’t make enough money I stopped. I didn’t get that it’s about learning and building.

Now I get it.

I know I need to learn marketing.

I need to learn how to generate my own leads.

I’m in it for the skills I can learn and even if it doesn’t work out with this MLM company I’ll take those fundamental skills to where they will work for me.

Like the Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps, when he sees a swimming pool, he knows he is control. He has the skills so even if he has never been in a particular pool before, he knows he owns that pool.

I need to have that same control of my future income.

I have a desire, and I have a wish to succeed, but I haven’t had the skills and the tools.

And MLSP is the tool I didn’t have before – the tool for being able to be in control.

You can check out MLSP for yourself here: – http://word.mlsp.com/intro

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