WPTwin Vs BlogZapper: WordPress Backups Go Head-To-Head

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You would think this that making backups would be easy. Heck everyone needs to do it!

Lots of WordPress blog plugins, tools and software claim to backup, restore and clone (‘clone’ usually is just a fancy term for backing up a site so you can move it elsewhere – still just a backup really.)

Unfortunately, as I covered in my previous article on the  3 Best Backup Solutions For a WordPress Blog, all the free options had problems or limitations, so I took a look at the paid options.

Two of them stood out, and I thought rather than just do a WPTwin review or a BlogZapper review it was better to compare both of these top WordPress backup alternatives head to head.

WP Twin Vs Blog Zapper.

[Please Note: As I was doing my research I found that both of these plugins have people reporting minor bugs. WordPress has so many variations, Themes, plugins extras etc etc, that some issues are just a fact of online life. Make sure whatever you buy offers ongoing support.]

WP Twin – The Title Holder

One of them I had heard of before – WPTwin.

WP Twin is the most well-known option, and it has been popular for quite a while now.

In terms of backup and restore (and clone) WPTwin is quick and comprehensive, works on Mac and PC and says it works with any WordPress Theme or plugin.

When you want to restore, you do need to pre-install WordPress on the domain unfortunately. But that should be fairly straight forward for most people running their own blogs. On their video they show installing WP by using the Fantastico one-click installer which saves them time, but may not be available with your hosting.

BlogZapper – The Contender

BlogZapper is much less well known. In fact it was introduced to me from a comment in my previous post, and I when I added in the details I found that people were actually buying the dang thing! So I had to look into it a bit further and figure out what they were seeing that I had missed.

First of all BlogZapper doesn’t look flash. But it is as one-click easy as WPTwin. It does backup (Zap) and restore (UnZap), so has cloning covered too.

Blog Zapper is in fact quicker than WPTwin, because you don’t need to pre-install WordPress on your site. But as before you do need to set up the database in your cpanel, so it is still a bit techie.

Of course, having WP in the backup probably means the BlogZapper is bigger, and for some people file size may be an issue.

It All Comes Down To … The Decision.

Well they both back up fast and complete. WPTwin probably has smaller backup files, and BlogZapper saves a step by not needing to pre-install the WordPress blog.

Both of them require you to manually hit a button to make a backup. I prefer to have my backups happening automatically without me, but that’s not what these are for. Stalemate there.

Neither of these are plugins. They are stand-alone software.

Both need you to be able to upload, ie FTP, to your site, and then decide names and passwords for your wordPress Database.

WPTwin has an Internet Marketing sales letter, on a .net site. Blog Zapper has a get-to-the-point page that explains it all, on a blog 🙂

Both are a one-time fee only. WPTwin Lite is $97 (and for unlimited domains goes up to $297) and Blog Zapper is $37.

WPTwin – OR – Blog Zapper

The decision is up to you.

Got questions? Comments from your experience? Leave a note below.

[Update: Thanks to the Cynthia below, the latest competitor to both of these is BackupCreator by Robert Plank which wasn’t around when I originally wrote this review. BC is now at $37 ie the same price as BlogZapper. BC is a cloner just like the others and I can’t really find any particular advantage, and on that basis I tend to go for the one that has been around longer so that more of the teething problems have been sorted out, but at an Alexa rank of 17,000, Backup Creator is very popular and is doing something right.]

NOTE: If you are just wanting a backup service first, and a cloner second, then the list you need instead is here:  Best WordPress Backup Options.

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