Your Second Step In Internet Marketing

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Let’s recap.

If you’ve completed the First Step in Internet Marketing, then you have the RIGHT domain for you and you can read on.

If not then go back to the first step, or if you’re having problems, contact me.

The second step then is to … do something useful with the domain.

You can’t make one domain name be everything, so you have to choose.

Basically you have 3 options.

Option 1.  Send people who visit your domain to a site about you.

Common examples would be to your FaceBook, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc.


  • It brands you
  • It can be a good fit for someone who is looking for
  • It costs you nothing.


  • They may visit once, but have no reason to come back again

Option 2.  Redirect them to an offer to either opt-in or buy something.

Examples of this might be a product you recommend people buy, an great offer you recommend, or, if you are in a company or an MLM organization, one of your company replicated sites.


  • You may get a sale or an optin
  • It costs nothing to do this.


  • People wanted to find out about you, not be sold to or pitched, so you may put them off.
  • Once they have seen it once, they won’t think they have a reason to visit again.

Option 3.  Make your own site.

Examples would be your own product, optin page or offer, or most recommended of all, your own blog.


  • It gives you complete freedom to make the site whatever you want.
  • It allows you to truly represent YOU when someone visits your site
  • You can offer many different things, optins, things to buy, free information, personal details, links to your other sites, information about yourself.
  • A reasonable quality website shows you are more serious about being online.
  • You build a relationship with them first. This is Attraction Marketing 101


  • You have to pay for hosting your own website.
  • There is a bit of techie stuff to setting up hosting.
  • It takes more time and effort to put something up on the site.
  • If you let your site get outdated eg old dates or a blog with no recent posts, then it can damage your image rather than help it.

My recommendation is to do at least Option 1, avoid Option 2 if possible, and aim to start Option 3 as soon as you can. The sooner you brand yourself the better.

If you are doing Option 1 or 2 …

Then you what you will need to do is ‘forward’ your domain to the other site you want people to end up at.

What this means is that when someone types in or clicks on your link to go to you can have them sent ie ‘forwarded’ to somewhere else.

So decide what website address you want them to go to, then log in to your GoDaddy account (or whatever company you purchased your domain from) and follow their instuctions for forwarding.

You can choose temporary or permanent forwarding (you can change them later either way) and I recommend you forward WITHOUT masking. Masking makes it look like they are still on your site even though they are on some other site. Generally this trick is not necessary or helpful here.

For written instructions go to or watch this video

For Option 3 …

You will need to purchase ‘hosting’ for your domain name.

Hosting means your website is stored, ie ‘hosted’, on another computer which is connected to the internet and available for people to view online.

I recommend HostGator because, like GoDaddy, they are well-known, cheap, and have all the usual features people expect and will know how to work with.

HostGator also offer a one-click WordPress blog set-up for your site. Neat!

[Note: I always recommend buying hosting and domain names from a different company. The industry is much safer than it used to be but this is a business not a hobby. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and be at the mercy of one company for your name and your content.]

Buy your hosting from HostGator here and choose the Hatchling Plan for just one website or the Baby Plan for more than one site.

Next, you need to let GoDaddy know who is doing your hosting. You do this by changing the ‘nameservers’ for your domain. Hostgator will send you instructions on what nameservers to use and how to change them, or you can watch this video here

Finally, you are ready to log in to your hosting account and put in your website. If you want to set up a wordPress blog with Hostgator instructions watch this video


Congratulations! Your website is now ready for visitors!

But will anyone come? Will they hang around? Will they connect up with you?

And most crucial of all, will they ever BUY from you?

If you are not sure about these questions then you can either get specific help with blogging at or more comprehensive online MLM marketing training in MLMLeadSystemPro.

Which ever you choose, understand that websites are not a fast-track way of building an MLM (fast-track is on this webinar here) and be prepared to commit consistent effort and focus to make it pay off for you.

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