Your Very First Step In Internet Marketing

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So you’re online, and you want to be in business and/or make some money.

What is your very first step when you get into internet marketing?

Well actually I think deciding on your first step is easy.

Your first step is to make a decision. A decision to be serious about online marketing. Your first step in internet marketing is to decide to make this a proper income source.

And here is how you can take action on that decision.

Your first step is to buy a domain name – and not just any domain name. Buy YOUR name, as a dot com.

For example. I would try to buy or or

Even guru’s who say they hate internet marketing do this first step. It’s not arrogance, it’s necessity.

So do not hesitate. Go get yours.

A surprising number of them are still available, as long as you don’t have a name as common as mine. When I came online my name variations were already taken, and I’ve had to do without them, although later on I did get for my medical work.

Why is dot com-ing your own name the first step?

  • if you do get successful online then having your own name as a dot com is really great for your future marketing and branding. You are planning to be successful, right?
  • this domain name will suit ANYTHING you do. If your first venture doesn’t work out you are not stuck with a domain name like, that looks as bad as having a tattoo of your ex on your forehead.
  • you get full control of what you do with it. At the start you can just have it send everyone (‘forward them’) to your facebook, myspace, LinkedIn page or whatever else. Or you can make it send people to your main online marketing program. Later you can turn it to better use as a blog or more general website. It’s your choice and it will grow with you.
  • you keep it out of the hands of anyone else.
  • everyone online eventually has to buy a domain name so it’s good experience even if you are not tech savvy.
  • it costs under $15 for a whole year (at least it does from the link I give you.)

A few rules:

  1. Don’t buy any extras – no hosting, no privacy, no nothing. You don’t need them now, and when you do need them those bargain hunters among you will be able to get the same discounts later.
  2. If you can’t find your name as a dot com, then leave this step. Do NOT get anything else such as a dashed version ( or a non-dot-com eg or .tv or .info etc. Once you know more about what you are doing online you can probably find these secondary versions quite easily. Other versions are definitely inferior and you need to have a strategy to use them properly. Dot com is a no brainer.
  3. If you have multiple names – eg William, Will, Bill / Jo, Joanne – then you have to pick which one you want for your online persona. Or heck, buy them all. Chances are some will be taken anyway.

I recommend GoDaddy as one of the biggest sellers on the net, and one I’ve had good experiences with for my entire time online.

Click here to check if your name is available as a dot com and you automatically can buy it with a discount coupon for under $8.

Get started on your first step as internet marketer, and then join me on the second step!

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