YourNight: A Review In Two Parts.

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YourNight is a social networking platform and MLM combination that began in December 2008.

Many of these social networking platforms, particularly the paid-to-refer ones, have come and gone very quickly. It’s made if very easy to just call every one of these a scam. But YourNight has been growing steadily, so it’s worth taking the time to review what it’s all about.

First, A Review Of YourNight’s Social Networking Platform.

Most of us are pretty familiar with FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and the like.

YourNight aims to compete as an all-in-one version of these sites with access to YouTube, Twitter etc as well. A pretty big task, even for a company that was conceived back in 2004 and has had a tortuous journey ever since.

The key with any social platform is that you need to have people there to network with, and YourNight has been able to build to be the 30,000th most popular site on the internet according to Alexa. That’s not a Facebook at #2, but that’s still quite a bit of stable traffic.

So at the very least you can sign up for the free parts, and take a look around and you’ll find some people to meet. If you like it then you can upgrade and pay for the professional and dating profiles to go with it.

Because it is still an evolving platform, YourNight is really a site you just have to try out for yourself. Like MySpace versus Facebook, see whether YN is your style.

Second, Let’s Review The YourNight Money-Making Opportunity

Okay, YourNight can earn you money for referrals, and the other well known social networking sites can’t. Face it. This is a big difference.

This difference creates much of the buzz value, but it also creates the “YourNight scam”  complaints too.

So what is the story.

When YourNight first started it was easy for everyone to say that all the money came from recruiting other members (true) and point out that the service itself wasn’t very good (also apparently true.)

I’ve been in at the very early stages of a networking site that never made enough money for the founders, so I know what was like for them. At the start it is all new and wonderful and some people will join because of the excitement, but because it is early days, you are mostly selling the future potential. It’s easy for people to knock the dream.

YourNight has hung in there though, and kept steadily building in visitors, members and the reported quality of the site.

They have also added little additional income streams with advertising and then affiliate sales.

To access more than the minimal compensation plan in YourNight you need to get the paid membership at $10 a month. You get paid $2 for each of your referrals who pays a membership fee (unilevel plan), and you get 50c on their referrals down 7 levels as well.

Since the commissions are pretty small, you need 5 referrals to become members to cover your costs, then you will need a large number of referrals to make it worthwhile. This ain’t get-rich-quick, by any means.

If you are already in a business, then you have another way of monetizing the site. The people in YourNight are probably great prospects for you, because they are internet savvy, familiar with referral commissions, and looking to network.

By learning how to stand out from the crowd and become the goto person ie not be a spammer as too many home business owners can be, the $10 a month fee might be money very well spent in your marketing budget.

As with all social networking sites beware of losing focus and just wasting time.

Whether you eventually decide to join or not is up to you, and I hope the details in this YourNight review help.

But if you want to make the most of it, make sure you can generate leads AND do online marketing effectively.

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